In order to properly taste the oil one has to be in a perfect psychophysical state in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere; being a little hungry also helps.
Pour the oil into a colored glass so that you aren't thrown off by its color, which does not indicate the product's degree of quality.
Heat the glass in the palm of your hand so that the oil lets off its smells and aromas and helps you detect any defects if there are any.
Smell the oil with short, easy breaths, followed by a deeper breath so as to capture all of the positive and negative undertones. Memorize your sensations and then rest your senses a moment.
Taste a small amount of the oil, but not too much; an excessive amount would dull the senses and cause confusion during tasting.
First breathe in lightly then more deeply in an effort to distribute the oil in your mouth so that it comes in contact with your mouth's taste receptors.
Without breathing move the oil around delicately in your mouth with your tongue memorizing all of the positive and negative sensations.
Repeat the breathing two or three more times considering that proper tasting lasts between 15 and 20 seconds.
Do not hastily spit out the oil because some positive or negative aftertastes need more time to come out.