Cold extractions: one of the main synonyms of quality

Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained through a mechanical extraction process, which does not require any chemical treatment, for a final product that preserves the best organoleptic qualities and nutritional properties.

The oil extracted from a cold pressing is therefore a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. On the label, in addition to the words "cold pressed" (or "cold pressed") also that "cold extracted" (or "obtained cold").

With Cold extraction we mean that the oil is produced through a mechanical process, at a temperature below 27 ° C.


In the past, crushing took place by rotating large wheels on the olives; today we use the mechanical crushers and the decanters which process the olives in a continuous process that does not heat the dough, and therefore does not change its properties. Extra virgin olive oil is in fact an oil obtained exclusively through mechanical procedures.


In addition to cold extracted oil, there can also be oil obtained by hot pressing. The hot crusher involves the application of heat points during the pressing process. The heat improves the yield of the olives, but the quality of the product is decidedly lower ..

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