Project Co-financed by the POR FESR

Tuscany 2014-2020
Action 3.1.1. - subaction 3.1.1.a3

With the project presented under the Fondo Investimenti Toscana tender, co-financed
from the European Union, Oleificio Fabbri SpA has continued its transformation process
of the company in Industry 4.0 key, a fundamental step to remain competitive e
attractive on the market.
The project involved an investment of over €200,000 - and a recognized contribution equal to
50% - with the purchase of a new oil bottling machine from the manufacturer
FIMER and a software (ERP system). The FIMER machinery suitable for bottling is
consisting of monobloc with fixed nozzle blowing functions and single treatment,
high vacuum filling, single-head turret for aluminum screw cap, turret for T-shaped cap
long stem. The machine is complete with equipment including an electrical cabinet in stainless steel
with control panel, PLC and 7° display
The adoption of an ERP system is part of a system review project
business information through the definition of new business procedures, the software has
a modular setting, provides all the tools necessary for complete management
of business activities, allowing you to manage business processes and supporting information
decisions smoothly and quickly.
The results obtained confirmed the goodness of the initial project, increasing the capacities
production of Oleificio Fabbri SpA and allowing to develop new skills between
employees, who will strengthen the company's know-how.