Is Italian oil the best in the world?

The country of origin of the olives is not synonymous with quality , the factors that determine the quality of an oil are various and not strictly linked to the origin of the material.

Oil is good when it is produced as it should and with quality raw materials, regardless of where the olives are grown and processed , therefore the thing that really is the method of processing them is essential. The quality of the product therefore depends on a set of factors ranging from the choice of olives to the conservation of the oil obtained from them.

In Italy it is a widespread practice to buy oil from small local producers , almost always from oil mills close to the area of ​​residence.

Wrong habit!

Compared to the oils purchased on supermarket shelves, subjected to stringent regulations for quality certification and food safety, it is therefore essential to choose and buy a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a local producer . know the whole supply chain : origin, cultivation method, transformation, up to bottling and not only the origin of the olives.

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